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Pooja GalandeVery nice recipesAshaI want recipe of kakadiche nattlesGeeta DeshpandeHello...

i like your show very much. I highly appreciate the platform you provide for common people. I am a good cook, enjoy cooking and I keep experimenting with new recipes. I want to participate in your show. Please provide me with the information on how to go about it. My contact number is 9764325003, 9527655711 and 8691033835. Thanking you in advance for your kind help.

Geeta Deshpande
Mamta WadikarAaj sugran madhe PANEER KOLIWADA hi dish pahili pn tyat meetha (salt)he mahtwache padarth takle nahi.Sushma Vaibhav GadeHello Sir Madam,
I'm daily viewer of your show & I make different different recipe so I want to participate.How I participate in your show. Please inform my mail Id is kokatesushma@gmail.com
Shree PanchalSearching recipes is difficultSwapna.jayakarI want to show two recipies in sugran programme. Nachnich dosa, nachnich kharvas.

My number 7506841067
Swapna.jayakarI want to take part in sugram programme. Please participate me.Geeta RaneNamaskar, please share recipe for quick puranpoli and Hurada
with Thanls
Sulbha GoswamiI am working as dietician since 10 years want to participate in your show ,where to send the recipes my mail id is sulbha223@gmail.com
Healthy ,nutritious and low cost easy to prepare(in less time)please inform
AarthiPls share the July 15 episodeArchana JanjalHello Sir/ma'am,

I had done an episode with sugran somewhere around year 2010 of which i need the video .Recipes prepared were- Ravioli and Bulgar wheat salad.I would be highly obliged if i get the same.If not i would like to know the right procedure to procure the video,n whom to contact at sakal bhavan.

Archana Janjal
Asha KallatMy comment as under
Why the participated for any recipe is been dominated by your anchor.not allowing free hand.unnessery interference. Most of the participants are wel experinced.over acting dose not suit to your programs. Need to some change we got frustrated to see one face every day hope you will take serious note.thank you.
Vaishali Aherkarhello i want to participate on your show. i like your show very much and always try to making new recipies. i really appreciate this and want to take part of it. my contact number is 9702788899Anuradhalooking for sabudana papad making processShrikant WaghadeHello sir/mam
Maze naav Shrikant Waghade, rahanara Chandrapur v mala mazi innovative dish tumcha paryanta pohochvaychi aahe pan kashe he na kadun sutlela aahe so please tumcha paryanta mazi dish receip pohochnar asa kahi marga dakhava, mazi Email Id aahe waghade.shrikant@gmail.com Mob. 9767338897 and maza dish cha naav aahe..Fannas/Mashrum/Soya chunk Kabab.